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hypermarket empowers your customers to become resellers, increasing your revenue and the infinite lifecycle for your digital products.

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it’s never been easier

Why we’re different

Leverage unified customer profiles for effortless transactions and deeper customer insights.

Increase revenue streams

Hypermarket empowers buyers to resell your digital products without requiring any technical knowledge or expertise.

Buyer’s convenience

When buyers visit your store with an existing hypermarket account, they'll be automatically logged in, positioning them just a click away from finalizing their purchase.

Streamlined experience

User profiles are unified across hypermarket-powered stores, making the experience streamlined for both buyers and sellers, creating trust through transparent information.

Build trust, boost sales

Where trust meets transparency

hypermarket is redefining how brands & consumers buy, sell, & participate online.

"As a business owner and creator, it's crucial to be able to build and scale my brand with digital products that inspire. We love how easy hypermarket is to use and how our product experience is showcased smoothly."

Anthony Denkinger

Captain John J. Sax Foundation


Claim ~yourname and own your digital identity. Showcase your persona and all your buying and selling activity on your hypermarket profile.

Build trust

Increase you and your brands credibility by proudly displaying who you are, both professionally and personally.

Enhance transparency

Invoke customer confidence by displaying all your hypermarket buying and selling activity, in one place.

Get verified

Elevate product sales, reputation and legitimacy by gaining verified status on hypermarket.

limitless creativity

Your store, your way

Amplify your brand that customers love.

Build without barriers

Enjoy creative control and design an online store that truly reflects your brand and meets your specific needs, without a dev team.

Don’t have a website?

We make it easy, launch a store for your brand on our trusted platform:

Connect a domain you own

Customers trust you and your brand by landing on your website:

Scale your brand

Earn more royalties for your teams as customers resell your products from aftermarket demand.

Ongoing revenue

Automate secure and immutable royalties for each products initial and aftermarket sale, ensuring you and your collaborators get paid when your products are sold.

Pricing model

Set a price for your product or enable free redemption via QR codes. Hypermarket lets your launch your products in a convenient way for you and your customers.

we make it easy

Start selling, start thriving

Nothing feels better in life than selling a digital product that delights a customer.

Sell anything, to anyone

From digital downloads to memberships, courses, and beyond - you have the freedom to showcase and sell anything you can imagine.

Seamless payments

Through our internal payment processing, we eliminate the need for you to integrate third-party payment processors, such as Stripe, Clover, Square, etc.

Give your customers the convenience of an immediate checkout with their credit cards, letting them access your products faster.

all-in-one platform

Launch a community, increase customer engagement

Elevate your brand with a community that cares.

Curate conversations

Create communities around products you sell, encouraging customers to share their thoughts, feedback, and experiences, turning your store into a lively forum of exchange and insight.

Customer feedback

Active participation not only enriches the community experience but also gives you invaluable perspectives on your products and services.

Create raving fans

Your products now have a life beyond the sale, with access and utility that turns customers into a raving fans, where they feel valued through meaningful ongoing and curated dialog.

Product utility

Active participation starts with utility, access and use beyond the sale. Hypermarket powers your digital products to create deep engagement and meaningful reasons for customers to sell that use to others when they are done using it...

Customer feedback

Provide your customers with downloadable content such as video and audio files, exclusively accessible to curated customers within your private communities.

Empower reselling

Leverage the enthusiasm of your biggest fans, enabling their ability to resell products they purchased, providing them with a true sense of ownership.

Start selling on hypermarket

Engage customers, foster loyalty, and grow your business.